Weekend Stuff

An easy and fun Saturday lunch is a beet salad. I just used some organic power greens that come in a package. Beets are not easy to peel and take time to roast. Like a long time. So I just used sliced, pickled beets from a jar. Then a lot of people like goat cheese. I don’t, so I just used cream cheese that I cubed up. Some walnuts that I buy bulk at the Food Co-op and I used my favorite Newman’s Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing. The salad looks fancy and is delicious with a glass of wine.

Saturday morning has new cook shows on the Food Network. So today on the Pioneer Woman she showed how she organized her pantry. I took a photo off of the TV with my cell phone and it came out pretty good. I like the ideas of the containers and the baskets for potatoes, lemons, onions etc. She also made a Spring Pasta Salad for a pot luck that looked good. Her recipes are all on the Food Network under Pioneer Woman.

It’s fun to have seasonal dishes. I forgot that I had this little Spring bowl. I think that it would be fun to have for a salad as well as for oatmeal this weekend.

Next Sunday is Easter. There is a place near where we live that has an awesome Easter Buffet. I don’t know if they are having the Buffet this year or not. But it has a salad bar, dessert bar and about 6 entres that are included.

One year we got a beautifully Spring decorated bay window table. It was a beautiful day.

They had like a horseshoe shaped buffet with just everything you could imagine on it.

The above is what I had chosen from the salad bar to begin with that day.

You could also make yourself a Shrimp Cocktail or have Oysters on the shell.

So much to choose from that day. Really fun place.

There are ideas for planning a garden that attracts butterflies and Hummingbirds. I like the above idea with a Hummingbird feeder.

I love African Violets for an indoor plant. The purple ones look really nice in a rustic dark wood container.

And then Heather looks beautiful and so French looking in a container like the above.

How is the above for a dream kitchen and breakfast nook. I totally love the French style blue chushioned white chairs and the bay window that is totally sun filled with the beautiful windows. I like the marble countertops, also. The sophet lights in the ceiling are an added plus. I would have a crystal chandelier over the round table, a smaller island, less cabinets and different nobs on the cabinets. Also I would have a Nantucket grey wood floor.

I love the above idea from Farmhouse Rules on the Food Network. I have bundt pans that I bought a few years ago at T J Max, so that I could copy the idea. The recipe is on my Pinterest board under “Tea Ideas”.

I love the napkin and cup above with Latte. The Primrose just is the perfect accent with it.

And that is my thoughts for this Spring weather weekend.

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