Wednesday Musings

With Spring here, it’s always nice to have a good raincoat. I love the above trenchcoat that is on sale at Nordstrom for half price. It’s one of 14 items that I read would be good for a French Capsule Wardrobe.

They said to have a quality pocketbook. I love the above Vera Bradly crossbody. It’s good quality and also on sale for the next 2 days at about $30.00 off the original price.

I love the wristlet that matches the pocketbook that is also on sale at Vera Bradly on line. I have a similar one that I got at Vera Bradly that I just about wore out from using so much. It’s perfect to put your cell phone in and car keys when you go for a walk on the walking trails.

A tailored black blazer is a nice investment for the wardrobe. I learned a lot on wardrobe capsules to have a few good classic pieces that you can mix and match from watching a podcast this morning.

King Arthur Flour has a really good recipe for Hot Cross Buns on their website. Fun to make for this time of year.

I also found a recipe that sounded really good for the Instant Pot. It’s a recipe for Rotisserie Chicken using the Instant Pot. You can stuff the cavity with lemon and Rosemary for an option, also. I pinned the recipe on my Instant Pot board on my Pinterest.

Walmart has little lamb cookie cutters. How cute to decorate them like the above idea. You just use royal icing and flood it for the smooth base, and then use regular frosting to decorate with an icing bag.

My Dad always liked Strawberry Rhubarb pie. I like the cute idea above for the lattice top and heart. Before you know it, strawberries and rhubarb will be out and you can use them for a pie.

I also found a recipe for a streusel top Strawberry Rhubarb pie. So good with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. Yum! I pinned both recipes on my Pie board on my Pinterest.

What a neat idea for an adult Easter Basket. I love the bottles of Red as well as White wine. Then the chocolate Easter Bunny, Easter eggs, gourmet jelly beans and all kinds of fun treats.

I have heard that meditation is supposed to be really good for you. The above is a neat idea for Shower Meditation.

The Pioneer Woman had a nice Crudite idea on her show today. She has the recipe for the dip on her Food Network page.

It was a nice sunny day here today and a little chilly at just barely 60 degrees. But more like Spring weather.

I can’t have a garden right now, but it’s fun to have a little dish garden. I even have a little waterfountain that is like a waterfall.

Indoor plants are always fun to have. I have a lot of African Violets.

I have a corner plant stand that I put white twinkling string lights on. At night when the lights are on, it’s just kind of neat.

Then a few Spring bulbs and it just is kind of cheerful. You have to love plants.

And that’s my thoughts for this Wednesday in April.

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