April Days

Yesterday I went for a walk and it seemed so good to have a little decent weather. The above is Mt Ascutney view from my walk.

The above is Easter sunrise service on Mt Tom in Woodstock, VT. So beautiful. You can look down on the whole town of Woodstock from Mt Tom.

I sometimes wish that I had gotten more education. Or at least a different type of education. I mean school was not preparing me for what life was all about. Knowing how to budget money, how to land a good job and the importance of a good income. Also if I wanted to marry and have children, how to raise them. I mean how do you know what it takes to be a good mother. Doesn’t that matter at all? Are you just supposed to know how to hold a family together and the importance of honesty, integrity and giving of yourself. But also being good to yourself so you can be good to others. Also the importance of choosing a good husband. It can make or break your life. No, people do not naturally have that knowledge. They just do not and it’s not fun to be labeled with a divorce and messing up childrens lives as well as your own. Children deserve to be born into a loving environment with parents that are mature and nurturing. And to just be thrown out there in the jungle to make mistakes that could have been avoided with a little guidance, is just not right. When you are young, you think you know it all. Well you don’t.

I saw the above and read what I needed as a blogger to buy on Amazon. Mostly it was about a planner. Then a good camera, a special light if you were a fashion blogger and took selfies, spending money to make money.

The planner that they reccomended was the Bloom daily planner.

The planner had a lot of inspirations and tips that are perfect for a blogger.

Then if you work at home, you are your own boss and the above mug was reccomended.

I like inspirations and if I see ones that I like, like the above, I save them. Mostly I save them on my Inspirations board on my Pinterest.

I like little Binto box type containers and the neat idea above to pack containers with all the fixings for a turkey taco salad. They just mixed a taco mix in ground turkey and fried it up. Then they had containers for Greek yogurt, pico de gallo and shredded cheese plus a slice of lime. Then just some shredded lettuce. Very healthy and also yummy.

The above is the container on Amazon that they used for the fixings for the turkey taco salad. I love them and am going to get some.

The above is the containers that they used for the meal prep. I think it would be fun to have prepped meals in the fridge to have on hand.

The above cow cake was made by Gesine Bullock for Cabot cheese for their 100th Anniversary. Gesine is Sandra Bullock’s sister and she also had her own food network show. She lives in Norwich, Vermont and has a big white colonial house with her hubby, Raymond who she sometimes calls “Raymo”. She also teaches baking at King Arthur Flour and has her own baking school at her house. I love that cake. The skill that it took to make that cake is awesome. She is a self taught baker as well as writing several awesome cookbooks. She also is associated with Cabot cheese and is a lawyer as well.

Gesine made the inside of the cake a buffalo plaid like the label on Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheese. So clever and she used red velvet and chocolate cake and then a chocolate frosting.

When Gesine first went on the food network and the show was filmed from her house in Vermont, I totally enjoyed every single episode. Some day I want to take one of her classes in Norwich. She also has a couple of classes on line on Craftsy which changed their name to Blueprint and I had access to those classes. I really liked her pie baking class and her French pastries class.

I also like the Create channel and P Allen Smith. He has some neat cookbooks and also recipes from the garden. He has some of the most beautiful gardens that I have ever seen. I love the above show that I watched where he put a tomato plant in the middle of a container and then herbs for pizza around the container.

He had rosemary, basil, flat leaf parsley and thyme plants that he put in the container. Then he told how to cut the herbs in a way that would make them grow back more and more.

The above is the pizza that he made using the herbs from the container that he called his Pizza herbs container. What a fun idea.

There are so many fun ideas out there.

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