Things that Make Me Smile

Waterfall blue lobelia – No other blue flower can match the intensity of Waterfall Blue lobelia, a perfect floral imitation of water flowing from the pot. Riverdene Gold Mexican Heather gives a lime green color around the container, and Rustic Orange coleus in behind looks good with the heather and the intense blue of the lobelia.

I like the cute ideas people have like the above. So cute how the flowers just spill out of the container.

A beautiful Spring garden is my favorite dream and even the thought of it makes me smile.

I love harbors and sail boats. They always make me smile.

A firepit with a lake view. What’s not to love about that?

I love the above sign that they have on Nantucket Island.

The above view from a living room is from a harbor town in Maine and it’s a townhouse. So beautiful.

A little black dress goes with everything and it’s always in style.

Keeping things simple and smile.

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