Spring Days

The Forsythia is starting to come out now. It’s so pretty.

A local farmstand opened last week and they have colorful plants in their greenhouses.

They also have herb plants which are so fun to have.

I bought some Johnny Jump Ups which are my favorite. I like them because my neighbor where I used to live planted some by her mailbox. Our mailbox was close enough so that the Johnny Jump Ups spread over to our mailbox. They spread like mad and are so colorful.

The leaves are starting to come out on the trees now. Love the Spring colors.

Lemons and Daffodils with blue is so Spring.

Lemon cheesecake is always fun to make in the Spring.

Also a Tulip bouquet is just a breath of Spring.

Rainy day reading is always fun in the Spring.

A casual outfit idea for a Spring day.

I love it when the Farmers Markets open and they have home-made soap.

Spring is always a time to organize and do Spring cleaning.

Spring is also a time plan a garden space and order from the seed catalogs. Also study garden designs.

Maybe buy some herb plants for a container garden.

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s also mud season from all the rain, but the rain helps bring Spring flowers when the sun finally comes out for a few days.

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