April Musings

I came across the above smoothie recipe that sounds really good. It starts by juicing blood oranges and navel oranges that are peeled and sliced along with carrots and beets that are peeled and diced plus ginger. Then the juice is poured into ice cube trays and froze overnight. When you are ready to make the smoothie, add a handful of the juice cubes to a blender, then add flax seed, vanilla Greek yogurt, cranberry-pomegranate juice and fresh raspberries. Sounds healthy to me.

I also saw the idea of a grey V-neck pullover that is perfect for this time of year.

Then I saw the idea of using dried herbs to make sachets. My favorite combination that I saw was lavender flowers, rosemary leaves and cedar shavings. They added lavender oil and tossed the essential oil gently with the dried herbs.

They put the sachet in little bags like the above. I found the above sachet bags on Amazon. I think they would be cute for the closet and also bureau drawers.

They also had Lavender Flowers on Amazon.

Then P. Allen Smith showed how to get 16 different herb plants in a 4 foot square raised bed. What a neat idea for a raised bed like that for herbs.

Then I saw a container idea that had all the makings of a salad. Love it! ❤

The above is what Martha Stewart suggests for lunch. Sounds good to me.

I usually use Newman’s Olive oil and Vinegar dressing on a salad because I like it. But I also like to make a Vinaigrette in a little mason jar by just mixing Dijon Mustard, minced garlic, vinegar, salt and pepper with olive oil. Barefoot Contessa says to use Champagne Vinegar and California Olive Oil. Also to add enough salt and pepper. I usually use Apple Cider Vinegar and it’s still good to me.

Johnny Scheeper catalog has a new variety tulip that is the Parrot Tulip. I think that it is beautiful.

I love Peonies anyways, but a new variety that Johnny Scheeper’s has is the above Sorbet Peony. ❤

I got the above Cuddl Duds pajamas from QVC. They come with the matching socks and I just love them. They are like baby pajamas and they are super comfortable.

Then I saw a recipe for flourless Morning Glory Muffins. They are also dairy free and have apple, flaxseed, oats, honey, banana, cinnamon, ginger, carrots, raisins and walnuts in them. I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest Muffin board.

And that’s the ideas that I have come across for today.

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