Vera Bradly Pocketbooks

On my blog post yesterday, I forgot to add that the sale on Vera Bradly pocketbooks was at They have sales on Vera Bradly products like this sale once in a great while. I just love the quality of Vera Bradly products, but the sale is like a short time and includes free shipping.

Wednesday Musings

With Spring here, it’s always nice to have a good raincoat. I love the above trenchcoat that is on sale at Nordstrom for half price. It’s one of 14 items that I read would be good for a French Capsule Wardrobe.

They said to have a quality pocketbook. I love the above Vera Bradly crossbody. It’s good quality and also on sale for the next 2 days at about $30.00 off the original price.

I love the wristlet that matches the pocketbook that is also on sale at Vera Bradly on line. I have a similar one that I got at Vera Bradly that I just about wore out from using so much. It’s perfect to put your cell phone in and car keys when you go for a walk on the walking trails.

A tailored black blazer is a nice investment for the wardrobe. I learned a lot on wardrobe capsules to have a few good classic pieces that you can mix and match from watching a podcast this morning.

King Arthur Flour has a really good recipe for Hot Cross Buns on their website. Fun to make for this time of year.

I also found a recipe that sounded really good for the Instant Pot. It’s a recipe for Rotisserie Chicken using the Instant Pot. You can stuff the cavity with lemon and Rosemary for an option, also. I pinned the recipe on my Instant Pot board on my Pinterest.

Walmart has little lamb cookie cutters. How cute to decorate them like the above idea. You just use royal icing and flood it for the smooth base, and then use regular frosting to decorate with an icing bag.

My Dad always liked Strawberry Rhubarb pie. I like the cute idea above for the lattice top and heart. Before you know it, strawberries and rhubarb will be out and you can use them for a pie.

I also found a recipe for a streusel top Strawberry Rhubarb pie. So good with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. Yum! I pinned both recipes on my Pie board on my Pinterest.

What a neat idea for an adult Easter Basket. I love the bottles of Red as well as White wine. Then the chocolate Easter Bunny, Easter eggs, gourmet jelly beans and all kinds of fun treats.

I have heard that meditation is supposed to be really good for you. The above is a neat idea for Shower Meditation.

The Pioneer Woman had a nice Crudite idea on her show today. She has the recipe for the dip on her Food Network page.

It was a nice sunny day here today and a little chilly at just barely 60 degrees. But more like Spring weather.

I can’t have a garden right now, but it’s fun to have a little dish garden. I even have a little waterfountain that is like a waterfall.

Indoor plants are always fun to have. I have a lot of African Violets.

I have a corner plant stand that I put white twinkling string lights on. At night when the lights are on, it’s just kind of neat.

Then a few Spring bulbs and it just is kind of cheerful. You have to love plants.

And that’s my thoughts for this Wednesday in April.

Tuesday Musings

I would love to have the family all over and have an Easter Brunch. Eggs Benedict is always a nice idea. Hollandaise sauce has a lot of blender recipes. My dining room chairs are all broke. Almost every one of them. So the idea of having the family over is out for me. But I still have nice ideas.

Cinnamon Rolls are always a nice brunch treat. I pinned the copycat recipe for Cinnabon’s cream cheese frosting on my Copycat Recipes board on my pinterest. Then I found a Cinnamon roll recipe that has a secret ingredient that I pinned on my brunch ideas board on my Pinterest.

A nice Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco Easter drink is always nice thought.

A little Easter Bunny using the coffee frother is a cute idea.

Easter morning sunrise service is always beautiful.

I love Easter Lillies. They are just so beautiful.

A Chocolate Easter Bunny is always fun to have.

I love the above layered salad idea. They used a cookie cutter to cut out cheese for the rabbit and baby chic. It looks so nice in the glass container.

I like the bunny fold for a napkin. So cute.

I love the Lemon Cheesecake for a Spring idea.

Deviled eggs are so delicious and so easy to make. The instant pot makes awesome hardboiled eggs.

Buttery croissants are a real treat. To make them takes a lot of time and a lot of skill. I would rather just buy some, myself.

We used to always have baked ham at Easter. It’s so traditional.

The above is the style dining room chair that I want to get. I want 6 of them in a soft French blue color.

And that is my ideas for today.

Weekend Stuff

An easy and fun Saturday lunch is a beet salad. I just used some organic power greens that come in a package. Beets are not easy to peel and take time to roast. Like a long time. So I just used sliced, pickled beets from a jar. Then a lot of people like goat cheese. I don’t, so I just used cream cheese that I cubed up. Some walnuts that I buy bulk at the Food Co-op and I used my favorite Newman’s Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing. The salad looks fancy and is delicious with a glass of wine.

Saturday morning has new cook shows on the Food Network. So today on the Pioneer Woman she showed how she organized her pantry. I took a photo off of the TV with my cell phone and it came out pretty good. I like the ideas of the containers and the baskets for potatoes, lemons, onions etc. She also made a Spring Pasta Salad for a pot luck that looked good. Her recipes are all on the Food Network under Pioneer Woman.

It’s fun to have seasonal dishes. I forgot that I had this little Spring bowl. I think that it would be fun to have for a salad as well as for oatmeal this weekend.

Next Sunday is Easter. There is a place near where we live that has an awesome Easter Buffet. I don’t know if they are having the Buffet this year or not. But it has a salad bar, dessert bar and about 6 entres that are included.

One year we got a beautifully Spring decorated bay window table. It was a beautiful day.

They had like a horseshoe shaped buffet with just everything you could imagine on it.

The above is what I had chosen from the salad bar to begin with that day.

You could also make yourself a Shrimp Cocktail or have Oysters on the shell.

So much to choose from that day. Really fun place.

There are ideas for planning a garden that attracts butterflies and Hummingbirds. I like the above idea with a Hummingbird feeder.

I love African Violets for an indoor plant. The purple ones look really nice in a rustic dark wood container.

And then Heather looks beautiful and so French looking in a container like the above.

How is the above for a dream kitchen and breakfast nook. I totally love the French style blue chushioned white chairs and the bay window that is totally sun filled with the beautiful windows. I like the marble countertops, also. The sophet lights in the ceiling are an added plus. I would have a crystal chandelier over the round table, a smaller island, less cabinets and different nobs on the cabinets. Also I would have a Nantucket grey wood floor.

I love the above idea from Farmhouse Rules on the Food Network. I have bundt pans that I bought a few years ago at T J Max, so that I could copy the idea. The recipe is on my Pinterest board under “Tea Ideas”.

I love the napkin and cup above with Latte. The Primrose just is the perfect accent with it.

And that is my thoughts for this Spring weather weekend.

Spring Ideas

Nigella Larson has a recipe for Ginger Carot Cake. It is perfect for this time of year. I pinned the recipe on my cake board on my Pinterest and the recipe is also on Nigella’s website.

I would love a chicken house like the above. So cute. Right now is the time of year that they have have baby chickens that you can buy and raise.

There are all kinds of chickens and the ones that they call Silky chickens are very cute to have a few of.

A country black and white chicken is cute to add to the mix.

And then a colorful rooster

Plus a white mountain rooster.

Then the cute regular hens.

With a variety of chickens, you get all kinds of colors for eggs like Martha Stewart does. On Pinterest, they had the best chickens for eggs.

My favorite Spring bulb is the Daffodil. They look like sunshine to me and they look so beautiful along a little garden path.

Baby chicks and Daffodils are so Spring like.

This is the time of year that you will see Robin’s nests that always have blue eggs in them.

It’s also the time of year for Spring brunches with fun bubbly drinks.

I love it when the maple creamee’s are back. It’s best to ask for a small and I have seen smalls that were as big as the above.

I like aprons and they have all kinds of aprons to choose from. I like farmhouse type aprons.

I like colored glass bottles and Spring plants. Some people acturally grow lemon tree plants inside. Totally awesome.

I like the Lenox dinnerware like the above. I have a small set for four of that pattern. It’s perfect for a spring table.

I have a silver Prius for a car, but would love a new one. The 2019’s have all wheel drive and I just love the looks of it.

A new white blouse is a must for Spring. I like the above style that was on one of the home shopper networks.

And then a new dress and matching pocketbook is a must have. The above dress was on sale at J C Penney’s.

French women just have a very unique style and I started following some of the French style fashion women on Instagram to keep up on what is in fashion.

On April 18th, my favorite farmstand is opening and they will have all kinds of Pansies and Johnny Jump Ups from their Greenhouses. Love it.

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. As bad is winter is in this area as it kind of drags on a little much, I still enjoy something from every season of the 4 seasons of Vermont.

April Days

I still adore the above Yankee Barn home. They will even let you design the inside to your liking and it’s a modular home that goes up within weeks. It’s just this time of year when you dream of putting in a garden, flowers and landscaping. The stone wall and white fence is just a nice touch. All you need is a piece of land with a view of distant mountains where you can see sunrises and sunsets and a porch swing. Maybe a two car garage. You have to dream about stuff like this at this time of year, because it is horrible upon horrible weather right now. Cold, rainy and very dreary days. No leaves on the trees and they call it mud season. I could design a home from things I see here and there that would be nice but not cost a fortune. My friend Sigurd could easily build anything he wanted as I have seen him design and build for other people. He just will not do it for himself.

I would customize it to have a breakfast nook like the above. So sunny and light.

I would also customize a double side fieldstone fireplace with one side in the livingroom and the other side in the dining room.

I would go for the above kitchen to somehow get planned in.

And the above jet tub in the master bath.

I would have all kinds of Spring flowers that were planted in the Fall to come up in the Spring. As well as fruit tree blossoms.

I would like to have room to have some chickens like Martha Stewart does and have fresh eggs. The chickens like to be free range and it is almost impossible to keep them fenced in.

In Vermont, there are all kinds of secluded swim holes that are fun to find.

I would have a white Hydranga bush for summer and you could pick fresh flowers from it in the summer months. My Mom and Gram always had a bush with white flowers like the above and they called it the “Snowball Bush”.

Most people would rather be in Florida this time of year. I saw the above home for sale in the southern tip of Florida right near the beach. I love the white Volkswagen convertable, the palm tree and everything about this place. And it’s affordable and includes access to a pool and fitness center as well as walking and biking trails. They even have a golf cart that is so fun to get around in. Love it and it’s dream material. ❤

I love how they decorated the inside like a beach house.

I love the cottage style kitchen. She took the doors off the upper cupboards, and I love the copper pots

I have seen people that really do have the best of both worlds. Up north in the summer and down south in the winter. It must be nice.

I would love a breakfast like the above. It looks like something you would have for a brunch, actually. Maybe a buffet and then get scolded because you took too much and could not have room for even half of it.

I like to buy Spring bulbs this time of year as they cheer you up.

I love my Instant Pot as you can use it as a Pressure Cooker or a Crock Pot. So many recipes for it.

I have tried several soups in my Instant Pot. I did Chili, Lentil Soup and Cabbage Soup to name a few.

I saw the above stand for the Instant Pot and I just loved it. I ordered it on line at Target. It’s made out of metal and it’s perfect for the Instant Pot. It was supposed to be $30.00, but it was on sale for $25.00 and free shipping if picked it up at a local Target. I could not resist it.

I see inspirations here and there. The above is one that I saved.

Most of the snow is gone where I live, but up north where one of my son’s travels with his job each week, he said that it is still like January up there. I love sunrises and sunsets. That is a piece of land that I would like to have with a view like that.