Container Garden

Herbs are not easy to grow. So to see all the above herbs at a local farm-stand just is totally awesome. Totally love that place.

The above is an idea that is what I did with the recent herbs that I bought and is handy to have in the kitchen. I got the 6 herbs from the local farm-stand. You can cut from them and they just keep growing back.

So fun to have and to use for cooking. Something about fresh herbs make a lot of flavor in food.

The above is a container that I had a few years ago. I forgot I had that container. I think I’ll get some Basil and Dill and use that container again. Looks like I had some Lemon Thyme in the middle.

The above is a neat idea for a container for herbs and is an inspiration for an herb container.

So that is my thoughts for this first Saturday in April.

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