Spring Flowers

The Forsythia is out in full bloom now. Plus the grass is getting real green. I saw the above Forsythia as I was driving up main street and I had to stop and take a photo of it with my cellphone. You can see the leaves are starting to come out on the trees also.

I saw the above Forsythia plant at my favorite farm-stand and I want to buy it. Some day I will.

They have all kinds of flowering trees at that farm-stand that would be fun to have.

When I was a kid, my Mom would say “you can’t have everything you see!”. But I want them all.

I love the herb plants and I now own 6 of them. I got Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, flat leaf parsley, curly leaf parsley and chives. ❤

The Spring bulbs are so pretty.

The Pansies are pretty also.

So many colors with the Pansies. I wouldn’t mind a patch of those.

All kinds of colorful plants.

The primroses are in all kinds of colors. I usually get a couple of those, but I didn’t this year.

I like the pink primroses with the yellow center. They look nice when you put a yellow primrose beside them. Also the red primrose with the yellow center look nice with a yellow primrose beside them.

So that was going along with me on this Spring day enjoying the colorful flowers.

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