May Musings

The Instant Pot is so easy to use and you can get great results with it.

For an example, Goulash takes only four minutes and you put the macaroni in right from the box. You saute the hamburg, onion and garlic with the saute button. Then you add the sauce, herbs, macaroni and water and hit the pressure cook button and hit the plus or minus sign to 4 minutes. It takes a few minutes for the Instant Pot to warm up to pressure, but then it’s only 4 minutes and you have American Goulash.

I put the recipe on my Pinterest, but I accidently put 2 accounts on my Pinterest. So I have to go in and fix my password. Recipes I save on my boards are now kind of mixed up.

I have one of those vacuum sealers and it was kind of neat putting the leftover Goulash in freezer bags. Now I didn’t waste anything and I have an easy meal to just warm up whenever I feel like it.

The above photo is what I put on the calendar that I made for my kitchen for the month of May. That is the dream landscaping that I just totally love. Everyone has different taste, but that is what I love.

The above is how green the grass is getting and the Spring colors on the new leaves. I take an old route that winds along the Connecticut River when I go grocery shopping in New Hampshire and took the above photo with my cellphone today. We go to New Hampshire shopping because there is no tax. Vermont taxes everything. And I mean everything. I save about ten cents a gallon on gas for the car and always fill up in New Hampshire. Having a Toyota Prius that is a Hybrid is awesome because it takes very little gas and $10.00 fills the tank.

Also, on an average, everything is about a dollar less in the grocery store in New Hampshire then the local grocery store in Vermont.

We live right on the border of Southern New Hampshire with just the Connecticut River separating us.

The Spring bulbs are all out now. Today was in the 70’s. But tomorrow is going to be sunny but in the 40’s. That’s Vermont. You turn around and the weather changes. Then more rain at the end of the week.

I like the above idea for storing spices. Those lazy susans are nice and it’s easy to find the spice you are looking for as they turn. Walmart carries the lazy susans like the above for about $7.99.

The above is my inspiration for the day.

Have a wonderful day.

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