Weekend Musings

The above is Roy Orbison’s Vette that he had in 1967. That was back in the day and I can remember seeing those around. Totally awesome.

The above photo is in Manchester, Vermont. So peaceful and pretty.

I saw the above stainless steel Wok from Target. It’s from a line called “Cravings” by Chrissy Teigen. I think that it costs about $35.00. That would be really nice to have for stir fries.

P Allen Smith has one of my favorite programs on TV. Friday he had a water garden that had a waterfall and all kinds of water-lillies and water plants. It was so interesting to watch.

They put the water plants in floating buckets that had stones in the bottom of the bucket.

You can kind of see the way the buckets worked in the above photo. I would like something like that and would put gold fish in the little pond.

Another fun program on TV that I like to watch is when the Food Network has “Giada at Home” when she cooks with her Aunt Raffy. Giada makes recipes that are old family recipes and changes the recipes. Raffy always gets upset at any changes.

I like garden parties and Giada has really neat ideas on her show sometimes.

The above looks like a coffee drink that Giada had on her show for her garden party. But it’s Expresso and Chocolate Jellies with whipped cream. She put Expresso and a Coffee Brandy with chocolate and gelatin in the dessert. The recipe is on Food Network.

Then I liked the way she had a little wrapped gift for everyone at her party.

A neat idea for a more country like garden party is the above. I like the pink and white phlox in the mason jars. Then the tea towels for napkins and the chalkboard hanging on the tree with hanging candles from the tree.

The above containers for drinks are neat. The Pioneer Woman has containers like that that are sold at Walmart.

My Mom had pink and white Phlox like the above that were along her sun porch. Hummingbirds and butterflies were always attracted to those flowers.

I got some glass Binto Box containers like the above on Amazon. So the above ideas from Pinterest really were a fun find.

My Pinterest is all messed up. I had a ton of boards saved and accidently made a second account when I used the email address on my Ipad so that I could use the Ipad in the kitchen for recipes off my boards. So then I tried to deactivate and I lost the main account and ended up losing the second account and ended up with a new account with my Ipad email address with no boards on it. Everything lost.

Pinterest has no help on their website, except for instructions that are about as clear as mud. My main account is in there with my Ipad email address and it got logged out and I can’t be the owner of it with my main computer or my Ipad. Unreal. I will have to go in and save everything to the new empty account and it will not be an easy task. Like overwhelming task. So I will just save my favorites of all favorites.

I like farmhouse style and the above dining room set was on Market Place on Facebook. It comes with 6 chairs and a lighted China Cabinet. It’s used and the only thing they mentioned wrong with it is a slight mark on the top of the table. To buy a complete set like that new would probably be over one thousand dollars. They were asking $250.00 for the set. Wow, what a find! It’s in Pennsylvania which is a good 9 hours from where I live. But at that price, it would be worth it to go get it.

It got sold within one hour of being posted.

Wishing you all a nice weekend.

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