Spring in Vermont

I love it when the Daffodils are out. They are the sign of hope and the bright yellow Daffodils always remind me of sunshine.

The apple tree blossoms are not only beautiful, but they fill the air with a delightful scent.

There is a lot of Forsythia out in the Spring. It’s really pretty.

A lot of Forsythia wreaths are on front doors this time of year.

I think the Forsythia is just beautiful.

My brother made the above tin man out of tin cans and has it hanging by the little funnel hat in his garden in the summer. I think that it is so cute and wish he would make one for me.

The above is an apple blossom tree that is in front of the Post Office in town. I think that it is so beautiful.

The above Forsythia is near a walking trail south of town.

Another view of the apple blossom tree in front of the Post Office.

The Crab-apple trees and Lilacs will be out soon. It’s really amazing how all of a sudden they are all out in full bloom. Then they last for such a short time.

There is a river that runs through town and then along a walking trail. This time of year the water is high.

Tulips are really pretty. The above purple and yellow tulips is OK, but I like red and yellow tulips together better.

White tulips with a purple flower is really a nice combination.,

It snowed in the mountains tonight according to the weather that was on the news. Unreal that it would snow in the middle of May. But it’s only raining here as we are in the mountains but not like the higher mountains. But it’s chilly like in the 40’s here right now.

A kind of scary incident happened to me tonight. I had to go down to the local grocery store about 9:00 PM and it was raining and dark out. I parked close to the entrance of the store and thought nothing of it as there were not many cars in the parking lot. I usually park way away from the door as I don’t like people opening their doors on my car and making scratches on it, so I walk the distance of the parking lot usually. Tonight I also left the cart in the store because I didn’t feel like getting soaked bringing the cart back and I didn’t have far to walk even though I had a couple gallons of bottled water to carry.

I got in my car and went to put my key in the ignition and all of a sudden there was a dark figure with a cap on in the window on the passenger side and he tried to open the door and then he said “how are you doing?” It scared me because it was dark and who would do that? Very lucky for me that the door was locked. Believe me I started that car and never looked left or right and made tracks out of there.

Vermont has made drugs legal and we have drug traffic from New York and Massachusetts now. It’s now not safe to even go to the store after dark. I grew up in this town and never remember it being like this. People getting shot, drug busts and horrible times. I will never go to the store again at night.

Whoever tried to open my car door may have thought he knew me or something and it may have been perfectly innocent. But today you never know.

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