Wednesday Musings

I saw the above inspiration and saved it. How do you protect a heart from getting broken? I think we all go through a broken heart. Who escapes from it. Not too many people I don’t think. But once burned, twice shy. That is for sure.

Pansies are just so beautiful. The above came from the grocery store and were just a lucky find. The colors all together like that just are stunning.

I think that the above pattern for a tea set is just pretty. Everything about it just like perfect for an elegant tea party or garden party.

I like pizza but never have it because it is just too many carbs in the crust. So I saw the above cauliflower crust pizza in the freezer part of the grocery store and tried it. The crust tastes just like regular pizza. I hope that they really did make it from cauliflower.

Strawberry shortcake is such a treat. The Florida strawberries will be in the grocery stores soon. They are almost as good as the very fresh local strawberries that will be out next month. The season for strawberries is so short. A lot of people will pick the strawberries by the tray fulls when they are in season and then freeze them to have them for a longer time.

Strawberry shortcake is also good by using buttery home-made biscuits.

Blue Hydranga and climbing roses are what you see a lot on Nantucket Island. The houses have a Nantucket grey color from the cedar shingles turning that color from the salt air. Combined with the old fashioned picket fences, it just so old fashioned and like stepping back in time. Then the cobblestone streets like they have in Boston. I just love it.

I saw a really neat idea of making rotisserie chicken in the Instant Pot pressure cooker. You brown the chicken using the saute button and then just stuff it with lemon and herbs. Then pressure cook it.

Some people make a chicken like that on a Sunday night and then use the carcass to make chicken stock later in the week for soups and stuff.

Strawberry rhubarb pie is always good this time of year. My Dad always had a rhubarb patch in the corner of his garden. The rhubarb came up every year and you didn’t have to replant it.

I like raised gardens. So nice.

In this area you have to wait until after memorial day to plant a garden to be sure there won’t be a frost.

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