Summer Planning

I love how some of the seed catalogs have color schemes with flowers that go good together. Then you have a beautiful color pallet that looks stunning.

The above Lady Slippers grow wild in this area. They are so elegant looking. You can buy seeds to grow them in a Vermont wildflower seed catalog.

I like sunflowers and they have all sizes that you can buy seeds for. The above is a shorter version which is nice. The huge sunflowers look nice along a fence.

The mid-size sunflower is my favorite. It looks beautiful in a bouquet to have on your summer table. A local farm-stand always has them in the summer.

A must have in a summer garden is peonies. They come up every year and are just beautiful.

The above kitchen garden is what I totally love. I would put all kinds of herbs and salad greens in it. Plus radishes, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes.

Then a little waterfall with lots of water-plants.

I think that it would be neat to have a pizza oven planned into a space. A container garden near it with all the pizza herbs.

A summer porch overlooking beautiful landscaped gardens.

A fire pit and summer chairs among the landscaping.

And that is a few things that are fun to plan for summer.

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