May Musings

The Lilacs are out now and I love how the purple and white Lilacs look in a bouquet. Plus the scent of them fills a room with their Lilac scent.

I saw the above bucket list for summer and saved the ideas.

The above dressing recipe for salads sounds interesting. I make a similar dressing but omit the honey and orange juice. I don’t like dressings that are sweet.

The Binto Box lunch at Koto Steak House is so much fun to have. One time when I was shopping I stopped in and had the above one to go and took it home to enjoy with a glass of wine.

I think that Container Gardens are almost like being able to have a neat flower garden. So many cute ideas out there.

I like little inspirations. They are fun to print out and put in the planner.

I saw a neat idea for climbing vines in a raised bed garden. They put some steel stakes in the soil in each corner and then a hose that makes an arch.

The above are some seeds that make climbing vines.

In Woodstock, Vermont the Woodstock Inn has it’s own gardens that they use for their restaurant. Their food is farm to table fresh. It’s called Kelly Way gardens and they give tours of the garden. We had an Easter Brunch at the Inn one year and I will never forget it. Just a dream place.

In the garden tour, they give you samples of some of the produce in the garden.

The Woodstock Inn also offers a garden class on arranging flowers that are from their garden.

The Inn’s seasonal flowers from their gardens are awesome.

The above are the bikes that the Inn has for their guests to use.

The Inn has the bikes that their guests can use to bike around town. Woodstock is the most beautiful town that I have ever seen.

There are flowers everywhere in the Spring and summer.

There are little outdoor tables where you can stop to have a drink.

The beautiful Woodstock Inn has flowers for all the seasons.

I think that Woodstock is one of the most beautiful towns in Vermont.

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