Flipping a House for Profit Idea

I saw this house and it’s in a great location just a few doors down from my youngest son’s house. The great thing is that it has an acre of land in back of the house that is like a huge field that goes right in the back of my son’s house. He could use that land and I would sell it to him for one dollar to make it legal and keep the rest of the land to go with the house. There is a huge tree on that lot that is dead and my son had asked that owner of that house to take it down before it fell onto his house. The owner refused. Well I will take the tree down whatever it costs. And make money doing it to increase the value of both properties.

The house is a Cape and a 1950’s vintage. The upstairs is unfinished. But it’s got hardwood floors and good bones. The best news is that the owner is giving $5000.00 in the deal to fix up to the new owners taste. OMG. What a dream find. It’s already an unheard of low price.

For a nice plus feature, I’m liking the above back yard inspiration. The house has a HUGE back yard. Room for a raised garden and a kitchen garden.

I am thinking 10 apple trees at $36.00 each that I saw to plant along the back border that would go next to my son’s property line so he could enjoy the trees. They grow fast and the Spring blossoms are just beautiful. And in the Fall they have apples.

I like the above kitchen from Martha Stewart at the Home Depot.

The house needs a new kitchen and the island, double oven and the above design would work nicely. And I love the open concept style. Kitchens and bathrooms are what sells a house.

For landscaping and curb appeal, I like the lanterns on each side of the garage door, the bay window, the window box, the little path to the door from the driveway and new shrubs. The bay window would be where the dining room could be with a window seat and a round dining room table.

The above laundry room would be awesome to fit in as it has the hookups for the washer and dryer. The cabinets and counter-top can easily be found from Home Depot at a reasonable price.

I like the above doors for a wall in the area by the stairs.

I want a shower like the one above for one of the bathrooms. A second bathroom has be worked in for the unfinished second floor.

A little patio in the back for a secret garden. All kinds of beautiful space out there in the back yard.

I like the above idea for the living-room with French doors to a screened porch, which that house has but needs updating. I like the crown moldings and the beige colors from the above inspiration. Love the fireplace.

Because the house is a Cape, the above fence with the climbing roses is a nice touch to fit into the landscape somewhere.

The above is the idea inspiration for a breakfast nook off of the kitchen with the bay window. I would put in a crystal chandelier over the table.

So that is the inspirations and the ideas for that house. It would be a win, win situation because it would increase the value of more land for my son’s house and it would be a gold mine to make some money on and a nice investment.

The area is near a hospital, shopping plazas, restaurants, walking trail, beautiful fitness center, college and a nice neighborhood. The location alone is worth the investment.

So that is my idea.

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