Country Inn

Can you imagine a visit to a Country Inn in upstate New York in Westchester County and the Hudson Valley? Not only that, the Inn is partly owned by Richard Gere who starred in “An Officer and a Gentleman” and “Pretty Woman”. What a beautiful area. I write about Vermont, but upstate New York is just across from Lake Champlain in northern Vermont. The Hudson Valley area of this Inn is about an hour out of New York City. They call it “The Bedford Post Inn”.

Some of the rooms include a fireplace and a private balcony.

There is also a pool.

It looks like they put rose petals to float in the pool and candles around it.

There is patio dining that looks so romantic.

They have a restaurant that has all kinds of awesome wines. They call the restaurant that is open for dinner “Campagna”.

It’s like a dream place.

They have everything from strawberry shortcake to ultra fancy desserts.

It looks like they try to keep it sophisticated simple.

Also very fun with chocolate covered strawberries.

They have fancy pasta.

As well as fancy everything.

It looks like they have patio dining, also.

Then they have another restaurant that they call “The Barn” that is open for breakfast and lunch.

The steak and eggs breakfast sounds awesome.

The Barn spring menu looks awesome.

The Hummus platter looks delightful.

This whole place just looks like Richard Gere style.

They also have yoga classes there.

What a fun place.

Even the winters are beautiful.

It looks like a very classy place. I looked at the prices on the menu and they are not any different then the Woodstock Inn in Woodstock, Vermont. Probably because Rockerfellow who was a New Yorker owned the Woodstock Inn.

The brunch that I went to in Woodstock had chefs and food that were as fancy and awesome as this place looks.

But what a dream place. Just wow.

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