This and That

I just think that the Sur la table cooking classes are so fun looking. I don’t live near any of the stores where they have the cooking classes, but sometimes I look up recipes for the ideas.

I got some glass Bento boxes and love the ideas that people have for using them.

The above smoothie sounds good. When you put a frozen banana in, it makes the smoothie thick like a shake.

Remember the “Little Rascals”? They used to be on TV when I was a kid. There was Spanky, Darla, Alfalfa and Buckwheat that I remember. Then the little bulldog was called “Petey”. Buckwheat used to say “me too, neither umph!”

One fashion blog that I follow had a black, leather pocketbook in the same style as above. It’s really neat because you can put everything in it with room to spare. It’s stylish and I like how you can wear it over your shoulder if you want. I like the brown leather one, too. White, stretch jeans seem to be in style now and jean jackets.

I like the straw, summer pocketbook, also.

Summer salads are so fun. Avocado seems to be what everyone includes in a salad lately. It’s supposed to be really healthy. Then Salmon is full of Omega 3’s. Beets are supposed to be really good for you and any kind of greens. Add asparagus and what’s not to like?>

I love the above to have by the front entrance door.

Have you seen people that have pets that think that they are part of the family? The pets have to know everything that is going on and where you are.

I like the above tub with a view and fireplace, plus the beautiful marble shower. Ultimate luxury.

Fathers day is in a few weeks. The above is beautiful if your Dad, like mine is no longer here but in your thoughts.

My Dad loved to garden and he had chickens. He used to have a nice pen for them, but no matter how hard he tried to keep them in a pen they always got out. They like to be free range.

I like the hair transformation idea. Looks like she had it trimmed, used a curling iron and put highlights in.

One more day left in May. The months seem to be over before they start.

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