June Musings

Had my first Maple Creamee of the year. Yum!

You have to head up North a little bit to get a real maple syrup Maple Creamee.

But well worth any trip to have the real Maple Syrup in the Creamee.

So fun!

Then when I go south from where I live over into New Hampshire, I like to stop into Burdick’s Chocolate and have a frozen dark chocolate. The iced version is not as good in my opinion.

But the Lemon-Raspberry Madeleine is like stopping at a French Cafe. And that is what I chose.

So many fancy pastries to choose from.

Burdick’s has little tables outside to enjoy their treats if you wish as well as tables inside.

I love the chandelier that they have in the Cafe part. You can buy all kinds of chocolate if you want. The Restaurant part of Burdick’s is really expensive. The owners of the place are Ken Burns and a guy from New York City that also has a Burdick’s in Boston and Martha’s Vineyard. Even the cafe is a little over my budget, but I like to splurge once in awhile. I used to work at a Real Estate place across from Burdick’s at one time. The owner of the Real Estate place was loaded with money. But she did not spend her money and the only time she went to Burdick’s that I remember is when her Real Estate friend from Woodstock visited and took her to Burdick’s for lunch and was paying. She ate so much chocolate that she had a tummy ache all afternoon.

The Iris’s are now out. So pretty. I took the above photo when I got an ice tea with lemon at McDonalds at the drive-thru. The Iris’s were on the exit part on the way out.

I like little bottles to put flowers in for the windows. Hobby Lobby has all kinds of bottles that are really affordable and fun to have.

I own a Prius and paid cash for it years ago. It’s time for a new one. The new incentive has $2500.00 cash back. Then you can get $4,500.00 cash back from income taxes. Plus where my son works he can get $10,000.00 for buying an electric car because where he works is a health food place and they offer that incentive. Then my friend owns a company and can deduct from his income taxes if he buys a company car. Who wouldn’t buy one???? I love my Prius. I can fill it up with gas for $10.00. And that lasts a long time because the electric motor kicks in a lot and when I stop, the engine goes off and then goes on when I step on the gas petal. The only thing that I did not like was that the car is very light and will not go up hills in the winter. We live in hill country. But now the new ones have all wheel drive. Awesome!

I like spice blends and it’s fun to keep them in little jars. The above is a nice idea for the different blends to have on hand.

I have not tried the baking soda idea for hard boiled eggs in order to peel them. But I have tried working from the wide end, holding them under running water after rolling them on the counter cracking the shell a little. That works good for me.

And that is my second week in June musings.

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