This and that

Pretty dishes are so fun to collect. It’s old fashioned to have a China Cabinet, but I always wanted one to show off dish patterns. One of my Grandma’s was total British and the above type patterns were always my favorites.

I love open shelves, also. The Jadeite pattern is vintage and beautiful.

One of my Grandmothers was total Irish and whenever I see a dish pattern like above, I think of her. She was always cooking and baking.

Then I have a Grandpapa that was total French. I am attracted to French style dishes like the Pistoulet pattern.

I like tablescape ideas and the above tablescape is one of my favorites.

Tea ideas are always a favorite of mine. I have a board on Pinterest full of tea ideas with recipes.

Jadeite tablescapes are so old fashioned and I love that dish pattern.

Mason jars are neat to put flowers in for the table.

I also love Bistro type tables to dine outside in the summer.

Twinkling string lights in the kitchen over the kitchen sink is such a fun idea.

I collect Le Creuset and my color is Carabean blue. But I have a few Solei or the yellow sun color also.

I love cottage ideas with winding garden paths and picket fences.

Cute little bird houses here and there is so whimsicle.

Then a Koi Pond with Waterlillies. So artistic and colorful.

I like open beams and cathedral ceilings. Can you even imagine having a kitchen like the Barefoot Contessa has?

I love the above idea for a table setting on the porch. I love the blue accented with yellow. Then the candles. I saved that idea to my tablescape board on my Pinterest.

I love Snapdragons. They are so old fashioned and pretty.

I found the above bouquet of Snapdragons at my favorite farm-stand a few days ago. They were only $5.00 which is so worth it because they make me smile.

And that is my thoughts for this first Monday in August.

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