Shepherds Pie is so delicious and an easy supper. I have the recipe for the above Shepherds Pie on my Pinterest Casseroles board. My Mom used to just brown some hamburg and put it in a Casserole dish and then put a can of creamed corn over it. On top of that she would put the mashed potato and dot it with butter that melted. It was really good.

My Mom used to also make Scallop Potatoes the old fashioned way like the above recipe. It was really good.

Taco Casserole sounds really good. I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest Casseroles board.

A Pizza Casserole sounds easy to make and really kind of good. That recipe had a 5 star rating and I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest Casserole Board.

I have a set of the Le Creuset mini coquettes like above. Creme Brulee is really good and blood oranges added to it sounds healthy and tasty.

You can also use those little pots for individual servings of almost any casserole. I got the 15 oz ones and they are quite small. I don’t know how small the 8 oz coquettes must be.

I also found a recipe for the French Cherry dessert above that they call Clafoutis. Perfect for those little Le Creuset pots.

The Pioneer Woman has some cute casserole dishes at the Walmart. I love the colors, the ruffled edges and the flower print.

There are all kinds of recipes for chicken, broccoli and rice casserole. Everyone has their favorite.

Chicken cordon bleu lasagna sounds kind of good.

Everyone has a favorite Mac N Cheese and I guess the Keto recipe uses cauliflower instead of pasta noodles.

And that’s a few ideas that I have come across.

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