Summer Day Adventures

I have been looking for some Zineas and found a beautiful bouquet of them yesterday. I just love them. There are some other flowers mixed in with them, but they just remind me of summers back in the day.

I went for a nice walk through garden paths and Greenhouses at one of my favorite farm-stands. So refreshing and fun.

You can see mountain views through some of the Greenhouses side windows. There are colorful hanging plants everywhere.

There are stone walls along some of the garden paths.

So many pretty plants. I would buy them all if I could.

Such a fun place to visit.

So many different plants. I just love that place and it always lifts my spirits to go there.

They have all kinds of veggies that you can buy and they have the above dried herb package with a dip recipe in it. You just add sour cream and manyonaise together with the dried herbs. It is really good.

I made some Dip from the dried herbs and put it in the fridge. So fun to have on hand, and I have some Late July multigrain Tortilla Chips that have Chia, Flax, Millet, Quinoa and Amaranth in them. They go good with the Herb Dip.

I also went to the Food Co-op and got some bulk organic walnuts and organic pumpkin seeds. I like my Pioneer Woman storage jars that fit good for storing bulk purchases from the Food Co-op and fit perfectly in my pantry.

I like “Taste of Home” recipes and pinned the recipes for August on my Pinterest boards.

Today was my sister Carolyn’s birthday and I made a really neat card from an Anna Griffin kit a few days ago and sent it. The kit comes in a beautiful designer box with all kinds of flowers, butterflies, sentiments and you can make all kinds of cards. I even found a butterfly postage stamp at the Post Office. I enjoyed making it and it came out really nice.

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