Summer Sun

A picnic at the beach is always fun. Watching the sun set and enjoying wine and cheese with your hubby is very relaxing. At Sunapee there is no charge to get into the beach after like 6:00 PM or so.

I like Cabot Vermont Extra Sharp Cracker Coldcuts to pack up with uncured salami slices.

One of my favorite wines currently is the Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc.

Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire is one of my favorite beaches ever since childhood. My parents loved to go there and I loved taking my kids there. My little sons used to make sand castles and enjoy playing with their little boats and swimming. We used to pack up a picnic and spend the day enjoying the sun. I had a little Volkswagon bug and a bumper sticker that said “Follow the Sun to Sunapee”. I would pack some sandwiches and stop at a bakery and get some brownies and have a cooler filled with ice for bottled water.

That picnic table that has a little shade from the tree and yet some sun is where my parents always liked to spend a day. So beautiful there. That was their favorite spot.

I love the above cooler on wheels idea. If you have ever tried carrying a heavy cooler filled with ice. This one has a separate compartment for sandwiches and stuff.

I like a nice chicken salad sandwich on a croissant. I have that recipe on my sandwich ideas board on my Pinterest.

My favorite Big Mac Salad in a mason jar is always a fun idea.

Or a Pesto Bowtie pasta salad in a mason jar is a fun idea.

I like to pack up some brownies as they always are nice to have on a picnic.

These are some ideas to have on sunny days this time of year. Yesterday I went for a walk across the Dam that is near where I live. There is an airport near the dam and it was so fun seeing gliders being pulled up by another plane and then gliding across the sky and landing back on the runway that you can see from the dam. There is also a beautiful view of Mt Ascutney. I saw a jet take off and also a cub plane while I was walking along. I went for the walk around 4:00 PM and there was a nice little breeze and soft sunlight. One of the best summer walks ever.

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