Simple Pleasures

Green Smoothies are supposed to be good for you, so I tried a few recipes that I came across. Then I just took a few ideas and made one to my own taste. I started with a cup of water in the bottom of the blender and then added baby spinach and pulsed it. Then I added some chopped kale without the stems and pulsed it until it was a smooth liquid. Then I squeezed in some lemon juice and added a chopped banana, some frozen chopped mango and a couple of ice cubes. I liked the results. I also like the idea of making up freezer bags with your favorite smoothie ingredients and keeping them in the freezer.

I like the idea of a kitchen island and saw the above idea. What a handy spot for the kitchen that doesn’t take up a lot of room. You can chop veggies or roll out a pie crust. Then the storage space underneath is a plus. Then the thick chopping block is just beautiful.

It’s not soup weather, but I like to make up a soup anyways. One of my favorites is Northern Bean Soup.

I love the baby carrots, onions, white beans, chicken broth, kale and Italian seasoning that is in the Northern Bean Soup. The above Pioneer woman soup mug is perfect to store leftovers in as it has a cover that goes on it for storing in the fridge.

The above salad is so simple and yet flavorful.

I love my Instant Pot so much. It is such a fun kitchen tool to have. The above cook book is a must have.

I bought the above fitbit and it’s just a fun fitness tool. It’s called Inspire HR and it was a todays special on QVC. It even tells your heart rate, calories burned, footsteps and tells you when you have a phone call. You set it up by getting the fitbit app on Google Play on your cell phone. To me it was not easy to set up, but I managed to do it. It has a battery charger and a charge lasts for about 5 days. When it’s 100% charged there is a smile that comes on the moniter. It also tells the time like a watch.

The above is a view of my favorite Mt Ascutney. That is the view that you see if you go for a walk across the dam which I do whenever I can.

I love a fire pit and the idea of having one near a lake is just the ultimate. So relaxing and ideal for friends and family.

And those are a few things that I find to be simple pleasures.

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