I love Woodstock, Vermont. The above terrace is so inviting on a summer day. There are all kinds of outside places like the above in the scenic town of Woodstock.

Gesine Bulloock-Prado has a “Perfect Puff Pastry” class on Blueprint showing how to make the above pastry. It looks like something out of a French Bakery. I have a Blueprint account and can take any class I want. I definitely am going to try this class. I can just imagine having a Bookclub group and serving that pastry.

I like the above inspiration.

My Mom used to make the best Potato Salads. I liked how she used to make them fancy by putting sliced eggs across the top and she would sprinkle fresh herbs over it and paprika.

She always knew how to put a lot of flavor in anything that she made.

Southern women have perfected the making of biscuits. Paula Deen shared her all time favorite biscuit recipes and I pinned the recipes to my Pinterest. I can’t remember if I saved them to my bread board or if I made a Paula Deen Recipes board.

Paula’s Cheese Biscuits sound really good. I definitely want to try the recipe.

Have you ever noticed with baby ducks that they always follow behind the Mama Duck. But there is always a Rebel that likes to be in the last position and will go it’s own pace and explore and then run to catch up. So cute.

S’mores are just plain fun. There are so many options that you can put together to make a S’more. My Grandsons like to take Fudge-round cookies instead of graham crackers and put the fudge side of the cookie in the middle and then the marshmellow that they have roasted.

Two more weeks and it will be September. This summer has gone by fast. Just like every summer.

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