Luxurious Dreams

The above kitchen has everything anyone could want in a kitchen. The double wall oven, the glassed in display case for dishes, the island, plenty of counter space and neat stove top. Plus it has under cabinet lights. It is affordable because it’s in a modular home.

Just right counter-top stove.

Love the built-in hutch.

Then the laundry room. If you have ever had to lug laundry to a laundramat, this room is like a dream come true. A luxury and it comes in the modular home.

And then the beautiful glassed in shower with a rain shower-head. If you have ever had to have a shower curtain that wraps itself on you when you are taking a shower, this luxury is just a dream. And it comes in the modular home.

I like the design of the ceiling and how there is plenty of room in the bedroom.

Plus there is a master bathroom. Another luxury that comes with the modular home.

The Living-room is open concept with lots of light.

There is an option of putting in a second floor or not. You can leave it an unfinished area where 2 rooms could be added.

It even has a neat front porch.

Location is everything and this modular home can be put anywhere you want to put it. After living on the second floor with people under me, beside me and no lawn or garden, this would be the ultimate. Then add a garage for my car. To be able to plant a garden, flowers and to have a lawn and a view.

To me, it’s perfect. Everyone likes what they like. This is what I like. ❤ It was an award winning modular home and I can see why.

I have a friend who is a builder and he is into quality this and quality that. Thick insulation and all top of the line materials. Kitchen cabinets with solid wood and all the top of the line stuff. But I really just like something that looks good and is affordable.

This to me, is everything I like and it doesn’t cost way out of anything affordable. And it sure beats an apartment where you are crowded in like sardines with steep stairs, no laundry, no dishwasher and a view of buildings.

At the moment I am thankful for what I have. But it is fun to dream.

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