Saturday in June

On Saturday mornings the cook shows that are not re-runs are on the Food network on TV. The Pioneer Woman was on and she used the above pot holder on her show. I have that pot holder hanging up in my kitchen as I found it at the Walmart a few weeks ago. They came as a set of 2 and I love them.

I also have the placemats from the Pioneer Woman brand that I found at the Walmart. I got them the same day as I got the pot holders. I just love them and they were a reasonable price. I also love the Pioneer Woman jade color butter dish and the salt and pepper shakers that I previously got at the Walmart. It makes for a fun summer tablescape.

I saw a neat idea for a kitchen garden to put on a porch. You can put herbs and lettuce plants in pots and window boxes all together like a little garden that is close and comes in handy.

I keep a 3-ring binder with my favorite recipes in them. I have some blueberries so I dug out my mini blueberry muffin recipe. That’s my photo with the recipe. I have made that recipe when my son visited and also to have as a snack on car trips. That recipe comes in handy when you can get good blueberries this time of year.

I think that little bunny rabbits are cute. They always wiggle their nose and they like gardens.

Also Monarch Butterflies are super cute. You see a lot of them this time of year. I love how they have certain flowers that attract butterflies.

The above is a dream of a pantry. I think that I would use that little fridge as a wine cooler.

I had some cantelope that I had to use up and also some baby spinach. So I made a fun breakfast using organic eggs and shredded Cabot cheddar cheese for a Fritatta. Then I used Vermont bread multi-grain English muffins with Cabot butter spread on them that just melted in. I have fresh Parsley in a planter in my kitchen window and used a sprig of that to decorate the plate. Then I used my favorite Pioneer Woman coffee mug and I had some Starbucks Cafe Verona dark roast coffee in it. Plus I used my Pioneer Woman napkins that match the placemat. Now that is a fun breakfast that was enjoyable and even more fun then going out for breakfast. I made this a couple of times this week.

I have the above containers and they are fun to use to make up ahead and keep in the fridge for a quick and healthy lunch. I have a hummus that has that “everything bagel spice” in it. Then I have grilled chicken strips that I keep in the freezer and you just put them in the microwave for 3 minutes and they are delicious. I also use that chicken in stir fries as well as for over power greens in a salad.

And that’s my thoughts for this second Saturday in June.

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