Vermont Summer

The Green Mountain state used to have a lot of farms. I don’t think that there are as many as there used to be back in the day, but there are still some beautiful farms. A lot of state regulations seem to have driven a lot of small farms out of business. The state of Vermont has been taken over by people from out of state. They ruined where they were and now have started in on any unspoiled area they can find in my humble opinion.

My Grandparents owned a 240 acre farm in the area that they call “The Northeast Kingdom” which is close to Canada. Many fond memories of summers spent visiting that farm. Gram loved her gardens and Grandpa was always up at 5:00 AM doing his chores. My two older brothers which my Dad always called “the boys” would spend some of the summer at that farm helping Grandpa hay the fields and help get the hay into the barn. My younger brother and I were called “the little kids” by my Dad. Sometimes there would be family reunions when we visited with all my Mom’s aunts and uncles and cousins getting together. They were usually held at a nearby lake with a picnic and Gram usually made her baked beans and everyone brought their special dishes. For example home made ice cream and all kinds of pies, potato salads and such. Some of which stand out in my mind.

That front farm porch with the laughter ringing out where my parents, grandparents and aunt gathered after supper always lingers on my mind. So beautiful.

The farm was sold by my aunt’s husband after she passed on. It was sold to a bunch of hippies and I just could not believe it. They are all college educated but not family like that farm was always owned by. Grafiti on the posts of the front porch. Junk on the lawn that my Gram always kept manicured. Nothing ever stays the same.

I love the wildflowers that you see everywhere this time of year. The daisies and buttercups are so Vermont.

Then the clover is the state flower and you see it everywhere. Four leaf clovers are easy to find, even though they are supposed to be a little rare.

I live in southern Vermont and there is a walking trail that I walk on sometimes. I didn’t take the above photo, but someone saw the above bear on that walking trail. I don’t think I will walk on the trail for awhile.

It’s strawberry season for local strawberries. Because of the virus this year, there is no Strawberry Festival at a local orchard. You have to wear a mask and use only the orchards containers if you want to pick your own strawberries.

I usually just buy a pint of strawberries that are all picked. But I know a lot of people pick their own and pick a ton of them. They must freeze most of them because strawberries have to be used up pretty fast.

Strawberry Shortcake with home made biscuits and whipped cream is a nice treat to make with the strawberries.

You can freeze them for Smoothies also.

The orchard where the strawberries are is also an apple orchard. Beautiful views there.

On weekends they make Cider Donuts that just are so fresh that they just melt in your mouth. Really a treat. They sell out fast, so you have to get there early to get them.

On Saturday mornings they have a Farmers Market and they are still doing the market this year, but with restrictions. No crafts, you have to wear a mask, stay 6 feet apart and only a few people at a time. No gathering, just in and out.

I think that everyone is not very thrilled with the Covid-19 scare. Things are starting to open up a little at a time and praying that the virus enemy does not spike up or anything.

It’s definitely not normal times, but this time of year is still nice.

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