June Saturday Morning

An early morning walk before the humidity got too much. I got home and put the air conditioners on.

I went over to Chester and got a huge produce box for $25.00. There are 5 kinds of lettuce and all kinds of salad veggies. Strawberries, Cantelope, Fresh Pineapple and more. So fun.

I made a huge tossed salad with garden fresh everything. Will be making a lot of salads for a few days.

I went over to Hemingways and browsed through their Greenhouses. That place always makes me smile. Beautiful selection of plants and flowers.

All kinds of rose bushes are scattered throughout the garden paths. So fun to see what they have new this year.

The above planter was fastened on the outside of one of their Greenhouses. I thought that it was so pretty.

I bought myself a flat of Marigolds that I saw at Hemingways. So colorful.

It’s a very hot day and I made some ice coffee from leftover coffee from this morning. So refreshing.

Even though there is a pandemic and you have wear a mask everywhere you go and use hand sanitizer and wash your hands constantly, you can still manage to find little joys here and there.

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