Memorial Day Ideas

A cookout is always nice to have on Memorial Day. I like the above centerpiece idea. Daisies and red Carnations in a colbolt blue vase.

Then get the grill out and I saw a recipe for spice rubbed grilled chicken that sounded really good. I pinned the recipe on my Holiday recipes board on my Pinterest.

Old fashioned potato salad like my Mom used to make is always good for a cookout. She used to put celery, onion, pickle relish, mayonnaise, yellow mustard, celery salt, potatoes and Paprika for garnish. She used to put sliced hard boiled eggs across the top with the Paprika sprinkled on them. So good.

A nice Fruit Salad is always good for a cookout.

Grilled corn on the cob is a nice idea at a cookout. Then brush them with melted butter and a sprinkle of sea salt.

And then the above trifle is the perfect dessert. It has Angel Food cake cut into 1-inch squares after each slice has been brushed with a lemon juice, sugar and almond extract mixture that has been heated on the stove. The whipped cream has cream cheese in it. Yum! A trifle looks so fancy in a trifle container and it looks like a lot of work, but it’s very easy to make. I put the recipe on my holiday ideas board on my Pinterest.

Tea Ideas

A cup of tea is so nice to have any time of the year.

I love how the proper afternoon tea includes something like a scone with clotted cream and jam.

I have the above Royal Albert teapot, cup and saucer and the little plate. The teapot is called the cottage edition. That rose pattern is just elegant looking.

Peppermint tea is one of my favorites. I read that if you make a pot of tea to use one teabag for each cup of tea that you want. Also allow about 4 minutes for the tea to seep and then just gently squeeze the teabag like a hug. Also run hot water to rinse the pot and the cup and then it keeps the tea hot longer. I tried that and it made the best tea ever.

Earl Grey tea is one of the classics. I love some of the little tins that tea sometimes can be found in.

I love how the British call cookies “Biscuits”. I think that it would be fun to have a tin of cookies and call them “biscuits” to have with a cup of tea.

A cup of tea and a good book is a nice combination for a little break.

The above little open face sandwich is nice to have with a cup of tea. There is a recipe for it, but just a little softened cream cheese with a sliced radish and chopped chives on top is just easy and looks fancy.

There is a tea house in Victoria, Canada called the Empress and the above is the tea that they serve there. That tea set that they use is a replica of the one that Queen Elizabeth gave them when she had tea there way back in the 50’s. You can have a choice of really fancy teas. For example they have a 1907 Orange Pekoe that is bright, brisk and lively tea from Sri Lanka and Kenya. They have Rose Congou Emperor that is five times layered with rose petals. A favourite of Princess Diana. Then they have Joie De Provence which is an organic herbal rooibos tea. It has fruity ripe berry notes balanced with mild lavender. They have about 21 unique teas to choose from.

Then they have an Empress Cake that comes in individual sizes or for a party of 10. The crown on it makes it very royal looking.

It would be like going to London and having high tea to go there. Tea at the Empress is served in the Lobby lounge. On their tea menu is Browned Butter Shortbread that is Scottish, Signature Empress Raisin Scones that are served warm with house-made clotted cream and strawberry lavender preserves, Meyer Lemon Tart that is carefully paired with freeze dried raspberry crumble, Aiyana Chocolate Delice which is the signature Empress chocolate with hints of honey and blackberry, Blackberry and Hazelnut Macarons, Heirloom Cucumber on Rye sandwich which is glazed with fennel pollen, pink peppercorn and whipped dill cream cheese, Chevre Tartlet which has freshly whipped rosemary goat cheese, served with quince jelly and freeze dried blood orange, Honey Ham and Gruyere Quiche and Pear Cider Poached Chicken on Brioche. And included is Champagne which is Veuve Clicquet Brut.

How fancy is that? Victoria, Canada is way over by the West Coast. We have Montreal and Quebec Canada that is near where we live on the East Coast. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have tea way over in Victoria.

Another fun Tea house is “The Tuckbox” which is in Carmel by the Sea. You can see in that middle door there is outdoor dining as well as inside.

That place looks like it would be really fun to have tea there.

Their scones are like a Scottish scone that is sort of like cornbread. They have orange marmelade and a special California berry jam as well as clotted cream. You can just have tea and scones or they also have awesome salads to go with the scones if you want.

There is a little gift shop beside the tea house where you can buy that tea pot.

And the above is the California berry jam that they have at The Tuck Box.

You can even buy a mix that makes The Tuckbox Scones.

Tea is just plain elegant sometimes and sometimes it can be just plain fun.

May Musings

The Lilacs are out now and I love how the purple and white Lilacs look in a bouquet. Plus the scent of them fills a room with their Lilac scent.

I saw the above bucket list for summer and saved the ideas.

The above dressing recipe for salads sounds interesting. I make a similar dressing but omit the honey and orange juice. I don’t like dressings that are sweet.

The Binto Box lunch at Koto Steak House is so much fun to have. One time when I was shopping I stopped in and had the above one to go and took it home to enjoy with a glass of wine.

I think that Container Gardens are almost like being able to have a neat flower garden. So many cute ideas out there.

I like little inspirations. They are fun to print out and put in the planner.

I saw a neat idea for climbing vines in a raised bed garden. They put some steel stakes in the soil in each corner and then a hose that makes an arch.

The above are some seeds that make climbing vines.

In Woodstock, Vermont the Woodstock Inn has it’s own gardens that they use for their restaurant. Their food is farm to table fresh. It’s called Kelly Way gardens and they give tours of the garden. We had an Easter Brunch at the Inn one year and I will never forget it. Just a dream place.

In the garden tour, they give you samples of some of the produce in the garden.

The Woodstock Inn also offers a garden class on arranging flowers that are from their garden.

The Inn’s seasonal flowers from their gardens are awesome.

The above are the bikes that the Inn has for their guests to use.

The Inn has the bikes that their guests can use to bike around town. Woodstock is the most beautiful town that I have ever seen.

There are flowers everywhere in the Spring and summer.

There are little outdoor tables where you can stop to have a drink.

The beautiful Woodstock Inn has flowers for all the seasons.

I think that Woodstock is one of the most beautiful towns in Vermont.

Summer Planning

I love how some of the seed catalogs have color schemes with flowers that go good together. Then you have a beautiful color pallet that looks stunning.

The above Lady Slippers grow wild in this area. They are so elegant looking. You can buy seeds to grow them in a Vermont wildflower seed catalog.

I like sunflowers and they have all sizes that you can buy seeds for. The above is a shorter version which is nice. The huge sunflowers look nice along a fence.

The mid-size sunflower is my favorite. It looks beautiful in a bouquet to have on your summer table. A local farm-stand always has them in the summer.

A must have in a summer garden is peonies. They come up every year and are just beautiful.

The above kitchen garden is what I totally love. I would put all kinds of herbs and salad greens in it. Plus radishes, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes.

Then a little waterfall with lots of water-plants.

I think that it would be neat to have a pizza oven planned into a space. A container garden near it with all the pizza herbs.

A summer porch overlooking beautiful landscaped gardens.

A fire pit and summer chairs among the landscaping.

And that is a few things that are fun to plan for summer.

Date Night Ideas

I saw the above ideas for a cooking class on Sur la table for Date Night. I love their ideas and I found recipes for each one of the ideas. Each of the ideas is pinned on a Date Night board that I created on my Pinterest. But my Pinterest got all messed up and anything I save goes somewhere, but not on my original account.

I found the Sur la table cedar planked salmon recipe and that will come up if you google it using “sur la table cedar planked salmon recipe”. The whipped potatoes with white cheddar and chives recipe will also come up on a google search and it is a Taste of Home recipe. It was 5 stars and looks good to me.

The vanilla creme brulee recipe will come up with a google search using “sur la table vanilla creme brulee recipe”.

The tomato and arugala salad with lemon and parmesan dressing will come up with a recipe from Epicurious.

So with those recipes, you can create a Summer Celebration Date night even if you are not near a place where they have the cooking class. Maybe you can find better recipes, but I really liked those recipes. I would take a cooking class if I lived near one of the Sur la table stores. They look like a lot of fun.

Another Date Night idea that Sur la table has is the Date Night Spring French Bistro.

The mustard crusted chicken recipe is on the Sur la table website. Sounds really good to me.

Then the Chevre Cheese Soufflee is on Sur la table under “Goat Cheese Soufflee”.

Grilled asparagus is easy enough to do and I found a recipe for tarragon and chive butter. I found it using a google search.

Sur la table has a recipe for flourless chocolate cake, but a Decadent Chocolate Cake recipe that I like is the following:


7 oz. Dark Chocolate, chopped

1 Tbsp. unsalted butter

4 large eggs, separated

2 Tbsp. Sugar

1/3 c. white whole wheat flour

6 oz. Dark Chocolate, chopped

1 c. heavy cream

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Butter and flour a 10-inch round cake pan.
  3. Melt the 7 ounces chocolate and the butter in a double boiler (or in a bowl or smaller saucepan placed over a bigger saucepan of gently boiling water).
  4. Stir until chocolate is melted and mixture is smooth.
  5. Set aside.
  6. In a large bowl, beat egg yolks with your Electronic Mixer until light and fluffy, about 5 minutes.
  7. Slowly add sugar and continue to beat until mixture is pale yellow.
  8. Fold in the chocolate mixture.
  9. Sift flour over the top and beat just until it disappears.
  10. Set aside.
  11. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites until soft peaks form.
  12. Fold half of the egg whites into the chocolate mixture.
  13. Gently fold in the remaining half.
  14. Pour batter into prepared pan.
  15. Tap pan a few times on counter to remove air bubbles.
  16. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

For the chocolate frosting, just combine the chocolate with the heavy cream over a double boiler.

I like those Sur la table cooking classes and the ideas are just awesome. So hope that you enjoy the ideas and when I get the patience, I will figure out my Pinterest so that I can get access to my original board. Then I can save from the web and it will go on my original board not a board that got created and I can’t figure out what Pinterest has done to me.

Wednesday Musings

I saw the above inspiration and saved it. How do you protect a heart from getting broken? I think we all go through a broken heart. Who escapes from it. Not too many people I don’t think. But once burned, twice shy. That is for sure.

Pansies are just so beautiful. The above came from the grocery store and were just a lucky find. The colors all together like that just are stunning.

I think that the above pattern for a tea set is just pretty. Everything about it just like perfect for an elegant tea party or garden party.

I like pizza but never have it because it is just too many carbs in the crust. So I saw the above cauliflower crust pizza in the freezer part of the grocery store and tried it. The crust tastes just like regular pizza. I hope that they really did make it from cauliflower.

Strawberry shortcake is such a treat. The Florida strawberries will be in the grocery stores soon. They are almost as good as the very fresh local strawberries that will be out next month. The season for strawberries is so short. A lot of people will pick the strawberries by the tray fulls when they are in season and then freeze them to have them for a longer time.

Strawberry shortcake is also good by using buttery home-made biscuits.

Blue Hydranga and climbing roses are what you see a lot on Nantucket Island. The houses have a Nantucket grey color from the cedar shingles turning that color from the salt air. Combined with the old fashioned picket fences, it just so old fashioned and like stepping back in time. Then the cobblestone streets like they have in Boston. I just love it.

I saw a really neat idea of making rotisserie chicken in the Instant Pot pressure cooker. You brown the chicken using the saute button and then just stuff it with lemon and herbs. Then pressure cook it.

Some people make a chicken like that on a Sunday night and then use the carcass to make chicken stock later in the week for soups and stuff.

Strawberry rhubarb pie is always good this time of year. My Dad always had a rhubarb patch in the corner of his garden. The rhubarb came up every year and you didn’t have to replant it.

I like raised gardens. So nice.

In this area you have to wait until after memorial day to plant a garden to be sure there won’t be a frost.

Spring in Vermont

I love it when the Daffodils are out. They are the sign of hope and the bright yellow Daffodils always remind me of sunshine.

The apple tree blossoms are not only beautiful, but they fill the air with a delightful scent.

There is a lot of Forsythia out in the Spring. It’s really pretty.

A lot of Forsythia wreaths are on front doors this time of year.

I think the Forsythia is just beautiful.

My brother made the above tin man out of tin cans and has it hanging by the little funnel hat in his garden in the summer. I think that it is so cute and wish he would make one for me.

The above is an apple blossom tree that is in front of the Post Office in town. I think that it is so beautiful.

The above Forsythia is near a walking trail south of town.

Another view of the apple blossom tree in front of the Post Office.

The Crab-apple trees and Lilacs will be out soon. It’s really amazing how all of a sudden they are all out in full bloom. Then they last for such a short time.

There is a river that runs through town and then along a walking trail. This time of year the water is high.

Tulips are really pretty. The above purple and yellow tulips is OK, but I like red and yellow tulips together better.

White tulips with a purple flower is really a nice combination.,

It snowed in the mountains tonight according to the weather that was on the news. Unreal that it would snow in the middle of May. But it’s only raining here as we are in the mountains but not like the higher mountains. But it’s chilly like in the 40’s here right now.

A kind of scary incident happened to me tonight. I had to go down to the local grocery store about 9:00 PM and it was raining and dark out. I parked close to the entrance of the store and thought nothing of it as there were not many cars in the parking lot. I usually park way away from the door as I don’t like people opening their doors on my car and making scratches on it, so I walk the distance of the parking lot usually. Tonight I also left the cart in the store because I didn’t feel like getting soaked bringing the cart back and I didn’t have far to walk even though I had a couple gallons of bottled water to carry.

I got in my car and went to put my key in the ignition and all of a sudden there was a dark figure with a cap on in the window on the passenger side and he tried to open the door and then he said “how are you doing?” It scared me because it was dark and who would do that? Very lucky for me that the door was locked. Believe me I started that car and never looked left or right and made tracks out of there.

Vermont has made drugs legal and we have drug traffic from New York and Massachusetts now. It’s now not safe to even go to the store after dark. I grew up in this town and never remember it being like this. People getting shot, drug busts and horrible times. I will never go to the store again at night.

Whoever tried to open my car door may have thought he knew me or something and it may have been perfectly innocent. But today you never know.


I made a poster out of the above photo and gave it to my son when he first bought his house. He has the poster on the wall by the entrance to his house. I also made several pictures of Nantucket Island and put them in a huge window frame that he has near his dining room table. And then a framed photo of Sunapee Harbor.

When he was having some electrical work done in his house, the guy asked if my son was a sailor.

I also made a photo of the above from Paris. I totally love Paris and because I took 4 years of French in school, I can fool people into thinking that I speak fluent French. I know just enough to sound good anyways.

Paris is such a romantic city and I can just picture it, even if I more then likely will never get to see it. I have traveled there in DVD videos and read almost every book I could find on French living and Paris.

Paris is called the “City of Lights”. So very beautiful.

Everything about the place is just totally awesome.

The above breakfast on a balcony with the Eiffel Tower in view is like a dream of all dreams.

Beautiful flower shops in historical buildings must be such a site. Wow.

I could just imagine shopping in the stores along Champs-elysees. All designer boutiques.

So much to see in Paris.

A picnic with French wine. Wow.

Farmers Markets that are just the dream of all farmers markets. ❤

The above flower cart is so French. I just adore it.

Then the little sidewalk cafes. Just so fun to imagine sitting at one of those tables with a coffee and a croissant.

Then the beautiful, historical churches.

Ohh la la! The French crepes.

What a beautiful fountain at the palace-of-versaill.

Then the macarons. What a treat.

I could go on and on. Paris, France is probably one of my favorite dreams. I have friends that have been there and some said that it wasn’t that great. A typical city. But I think that they must not have known what to look for. Even the French language is romantic. So much history and beauty.

Weekend Musings

The above is Roy Orbison’s Vette that he had in 1967. That was back in the day and I can remember seeing those around. Totally awesome.

The above photo is in Manchester, Vermont. So peaceful and pretty.

I saw the above stainless steel Wok from Target. It’s from a line called “Cravings” by Chrissy Teigen. I think that it costs about $35.00. That would be really nice to have for stir fries.

P Allen Smith has one of my favorite programs on TV. Friday he had a water garden that had a waterfall and all kinds of water-lillies and water plants. It was so interesting to watch.

They put the water plants in floating buckets that had stones in the bottom of the bucket.

You can kind of see the way the buckets worked in the above photo. I would like something like that and would put gold fish in the little pond.

Another fun program on TV that I like to watch is when the Food Network has “Giada at Home” when she cooks with her Aunt Raffy. Giada makes recipes that are old family recipes and changes the recipes. Raffy always gets upset at any changes.

I like garden parties and Giada has really neat ideas on her show sometimes.

The above looks like a coffee drink that Giada had on her show for her garden party. But it’s Expresso and Chocolate Jellies with whipped cream. She put Expresso and a Coffee Brandy with chocolate and gelatin in the dessert. The recipe is on Food Network.

Then I liked the way she had a little wrapped gift for everyone at her party.

A neat idea for a more country like garden party is the above. I like the pink and white phlox in the mason jars. Then the tea towels for napkins and the chalkboard hanging on the tree with hanging candles from the tree.

The above containers for drinks are neat. The Pioneer Woman has containers like that that are sold at Walmart.

My Mom had pink and white Phlox like the above that were along her sun porch. Hummingbirds and butterflies were always attracted to those flowers.

I got some glass Binto Box containers like the above on Amazon. So the above ideas from Pinterest really were a fun find.

My Pinterest is all messed up. I had a ton of boards saved and accidently made a second account when I used the email address on my Ipad so that I could use the Ipad in the kitchen for recipes off my boards. So then I tried to deactivate and I lost the main account and ended up losing the second account and ended up with a new account with my Ipad email address with no boards on it. Everything lost.

Pinterest has no help on their website, except for instructions that are about as clear as mud. My main account is in there with my Ipad email address and it got logged out and I can’t be the owner of it with my main computer or my Ipad. Unreal. I will have to go in and save everything to the new empty account and it will not be an easy task. Like overwhelming task. So I will just save my favorites of all favorites.

I like farmhouse style and the above dining room set was on Market Place on Facebook. It comes with 6 chairs and a lighted China Cabinet. It’s used and the only thing they mentioned wrong with it is a slight mark on the top of the table. To buy a complete set like that new would probably be over one thousand dollars. They were asking $250.00 for the set. Wow, what a find! It’s in Pennsylvania which is a good 9 hours from where I live. But at that price, it would be worth it to go get it.

It got sold within one hour of being posted.

Wishing you all a nice weekend.


How’s the above for a colorful and healthy looking salad. Everything just came together into a nice little salad bowl from stuff I had in the fridge. The salad had baby greens with herbs, avocado, chickpeas, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes and red onion.

The avocado was just perfectly ripe. I bought the avocado a few days ago and let it ripen on the counter. The baby greens with herbs were so fresh that they tasted like they were just picked from the garden.

Everything else was leftover veggies from my last shopping trip and they were so good.

I have seen salad bowls here and there and this one just came together better then I expected.

Then Balsamic Vinegar over it. Just a sprinkle of the vinegar.

Ice water with lemon is so good with this salad. Very fun lunch today. And also quite healthy.